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  • What do I need to bring to class?
    A yoga mat & water. These are available for rent or purchase in studio. We have cubbies for your personal items. Please silence your cellphones for maximizing Zen capacity & avoid leaving before Savasana to give your body the full yogic experience.
  • What do I wear to class?
    Wear something you like to work out & stretch in. We recommend yoga pants/leggings and a muscle shirt/crop top for the ladies & shorts or comfortable pants for men. There are no shoes and socks required. Please remove them & place in cubbies upon entering the studio.
  • I'm new to yoga, what class do I take?
    There are many different styles of yoga, which class you take depends on what you're looking to get out of yoga. Read the class descriptions and give us a call or text if you have any questions. Even though most of our classes are all levels, if you're brand new to yoga we recommend looking out for our Yoga Basics for Newbies class.
  • What if I'm not flexible?
    Flexibility is something that yoga gives you; you don't have to be flexible to start practicing yoga. Sitting in a place for long periods of time during the work week or engaging in constant repetitive motions causes your muscles to shorten. In our yoga classes we will cycle through a variety of different motions allowing your muscles to lengthen & stretch.
  • What are the benefits of Yoga?
    There are countless benefits to yoga including, stress reduction, increased blood circulation, flexibility, strength, & improved sleep patterns. A practice of yoga (at least 3x a week) can reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases (e.g. arthritis, diabetes, & thyroid disorders).
  • How do I create a Punchpass account?
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