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Livin' La Vida Yoga

Welcome to the studio of Life Giving Yoga.


At Vida Yoga, we aim to nurture your divine spirit, enhance your physical & spiritual wellness, and take your practice to the next level. With our wide variety of classes available for all skill levels, everyone is truly welcome.

We believe that bringing the practice of yoga & physical movement into your body & soul will improve your health and change your quality of life for the better. Want to find out more?

Join our Old Town Orcutt studio!

The Love, Light, & Universe in us,
Sees & acknowledges the Love, Light & Universe in you. 

For the team at Vida Yoga, there is nothing like witnessing the transformation that takes place in our students when they become as passionate as we are about yoga. From better posture to improved mental health, confidence, & mobility, the world of yoga offers all of us a unique chance to connect with ourselves, our breath & become who we hope to be.

S E L F  C A R E - You deserve it!!

Vida Yoga takes pride in being the only Yoga studio in Old Orcutt. This is a fundamental reason why we joined the OOMA - Old Orcutt's Merchant Association & SM Valley Chamber of Commerce, so that we can have a support group to cultivate & enhance the Yoga & Wellness culture in our small towns of Old Orcutt & Santa Maria.

New to Yoga?

We're here to help!

Our variety of classes offer options for students of all levels and fitness goals. We will set you up for success on your first visit, save you time, and allow you to make the most of your first Vida Yoga class! Please read the suggestions below to ensure that you are prepared for your first class:

Preparing for your first class:

  • Complete your profile and waiver online

  • Arrive 20 minutes early

  • Eat a light snack 30 minutes before your class

  • Hydrate before, during, and after your workout

  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and sweat in

          New class alert:

Thursdays @9:00a.m. : SOULfusion


Fridays @10:00a.m. : Mindful Munchkins
















June Happenings!!


International Yoga Day is Wednesday, June 21st.

Celebrate with Vida Yoga!

Workshops this month

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